Saturday, August 8, 2009

Torn and conflicted and all up in the middle..

I have said over and over how much I love what I do. I love my job! I can't imagine NOT being in this field. I earned my BA in Biology in Spring of 2008 and have yet to look for a career in that field. One has to do with the current state of the job market in my area- I want to work for the State and cannot because they can't even pay the state employees, let alone hire anyone. The other reason is I know how much I would miss this and I can't imagine leaving it, like I stated earlier. So here I stay and have been quite content with that- until this week.

I have posted previously that my brother, Dipshit, likes to get into trouble and was arrested by the Burb PD a couple of weeks ago. It was for something dumb and I and the rest of the dept had moved on. Well, Dipshit found something even more serious to get into this last week. Like hard core felonious nonsense. Needless to say, I'm beyond pissed at him. The only thing that made it worse was it was by.. you guessed it, the Burb PD. Yes, the very PD I work for he got arrested by.

Was his arrest in any way, shape, or form my fault? Nope- he isn't my responsibility, I am not his mother, and I didn't contribute to his actions in any way. Do I feel bad about it? In a way. He's young and an idiot and I know he's screwed himself 20 ways from Sunday with this. But at the same time, he did the crime, I think he should pay the price for it. I'm conflicted needless to say.

However, it seems that I have become the bastard child in my department. Instead of having the support that I should have, more than most have turned their backs on me. I am getting the snarky looks. I am getting the silent treatment.

I feel absolutely abandoned.

The arrest was hard enough for me to deal with. I had to come into work and watch the interviews being done. I had to look and monitor my brother in a cell. Unfortunately, that was the easiest part of this week.

I'm caught in the middle. On the one hand, I work in LE; this whole line of work is about enforcing the law. On the other hand, he's my brother. As much of a Dipshit he is (hence his name), he is blood and while I don't agree with his actions, I think he needs to learn and not feel abandoned. He needs his family to get and give the help he needs to become a better person. Like I said, I'm caught in the middle.

I guess we'll just see how this plays out. For once in my life, I am unable to do anything to change things. I have no control and I hate it.

Why can't my life be just simple and easy for once??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So apparently I have a crystal ball now

Nothing gets me off more than a good storm moving thru Burb and creating a shit ton of CFS (calls for service for those not in the know). Seriously. I DIG them- hard! I put in whatever CD I'm working that week or day and just jam it in the background and knock call after call after call out. I lurve it!!

What do I not love? I don't love when my officers decide to be big pussies and avoid their alarm calls. What else do I not love? I don't love when I'm rocking it out and have a kick ass rhythm between fire, EMS and police and the phone lines and I get "uh, dispatch, I'm on scene, but I don't see the house, can you tell me where it is?". Really? Did you just ask me where the house is?? Umm, you're on scene, I'm in a hole. My crystal ball has rabbit ears- it don't work when it's storming. Here's a thought, get your lazy ass out of the squad and go, I don't know, LOOK FOR IT!! I can look at the arial map on the 911 computer on where it's supposed to be but that's all I've got. When I tell you that, don't proceed to argue with me. I don't know anything else. Now it's all in your hands.

Anyone know where I can find rabbit ear-less crystal balls??

Work and family don't mix

So I haven't posted in a few days and I had every intention of making up for that yesterday.

That was until 48 minutes into my hellacious day shift....

My mother calls me on my cell phone telling me to call her ASAP. Mind you, she knows I'm at work and nothing pisses me off more than being at work and my family telling me to call them after they blew up my cell phone. Hello? I'm at work, my job and my officer's safety and the countless phone lines I'm responsible for, I really can't be dropping everything to answer my phone and call you right then and there. But I did call my mother back a few minutes later after the call that was going on was under control. Come to find out, she needed either EMS or police, she didn't know which, because my dipshit brother was refusing to wake up and was semi-incoherent and when he would respond, he was being somewhat violent and swinging at her. Ok, now I'm feeling bad for cussing her text message about the whole call me ASAP and my adreneline is pumping because this is my mom and my brother and I don't know what exactly is going on and my mom makes a HORRIBLE caller for the record. She is the caller type that I despise with every ounce of my being- gets pissy when I ask for status of the patient's conscious and breathing, insists that they "just get out here already" and not wanting to answer anything I have to ask.

So, we roll on scene, and about 30m later, after doing a couple of status checks and hearing my brother cuss and fuck the police and EMS and to leave him the fuck alone, my officers go 10-95 male. That means they just took my brother into custody. They book him and place him in a cell for underage consumption. Fan-fuckin'-tastic...

Guess how the rest of my day went? Every brass and every CID (the detectives or as I lovingly refer to them as, the dicks) came into my hole in the department and asked if I was in any way related to Dipshit. Yes, that's my brother. All day. The whole 6.5hrs that was left of my shift. And as if that wasn't great enough, my mother called and texted every 30m wanting to know what her baby was doing and how he was. Seriously? Really?? He's in jail. He's in a cell. How do you think he is?? Give me a fuckin' break. Here's a thought, why not ask me once how I'm doing since my brother is on the other side of the law and I'm having to work through all of this. As if my job wasn't stressful enough... now I get this.

I knew and know my brother is a dipshit, hence his name in this post and how he will be referrenced in all future posts, but give me a break. I knew with him moving out here and in with me that he would be arrested by some department in the area. I just didn't think that it would be 1. so soon or 2. while I was working. My family causes me enough stress, that's why I loved when they lived 4500mi away from me and had half a continent and ocean between us. Contact was once a week on the phone and in person once a year. It was the perfect set up for me 'cause the freaks make me crazy. I enjoy coming to work believe it or not. It gets me out of the house and away from the nonsense and drama that I can't stand. But now they're bringing it into my work...

I see future vacation spots in a padded room... Maybe that can be my new stress free haven.

Wonder if they employ TCs there...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only 1, not 99...

me "Burb Police Dept, this is spatcher911, can I help you?"
overly concerned citizen (OCC) "yea, there's an air ballon awfully close to the ground, you need to do something about it?"

Ok, *I* need to do something?? I sit at the box, I tell Officers where to go, I don't handle the problem.. anyways..

me "an air balloon? as in a hot air balloon?"
OCC "well, yea, what else would I be calling about?"
(really?? are you really asking me this cause you're calling me about THIS!!)
me "ok, where is it at?"
OCC "if you would look outside, you would see it. It's flying really low to the ground and you need to do something about it."
me "sir, I'm in the middle of a building with no windows, you need to tell me where it is first"
OCC "ugh, it's by ABC and XYZ. It keeps going up and down in the air. I don't know if it's trying to land or what but there should be something done about that balloon. It's a BigNameBusiness balloon and I've seen it before and I'm tired of it"
me "Is the balloon trying to land or take off maybe where it would be flying low and going up and down?"
OCC "does it matter, something needs to be done about this balloon."

At this point I tell OCC to hold on just a minute and inform the Officer in dispatching eating dinner and catching up with his TCs what OCC is complaining about. He has the power to say what needs to be said; what I WISH I had the power to say.

Officer "Sir, it's a hot air balloon, I'm not the balloon operator, so I don't know if he's trying to take off or land but at some point the balloon will be in the air or be on the ground, that's how that works. It's perfectly legal for them to fly and to have advertising on his balloon too."

Come to find out, OCC wasn't upset about the balloon, he was irritated that the balloon was being operated by BigNameBusiness. Why that mattered I do not know and to be honest, I really do not care. That seemed to be the theme of the day- call the Burb Police Dept for things that really aren't police matters because you have a personal issue with something somehow connected to whatever it was you were callling about (BigNameBusiness instead of the actual balloon being called about). It is so time for my shift to be over...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love in an elevator

Except.. for when it's stuck

How awful would it be to be attending church for one reason or another and you get stuck in the elevator? That would be the one place you'd never expect it, right? You're in church- shouldn't you be able to pray and some sort of divine intervention take place and make the elevator start moving and part the doors open for you to safely exit the structure??

Well, I have my own "divine" intervention- the Burb FD.

Fire boys arrive on the scene, assess the situation and a few minutes later advise that she is out and safe. And then I have to have EMS advise that she's out and safe and then my Officers state... she's out and safe. So between 3 engines, 1 EMS truck and 2 Officers I learned...

She's out and safe.

Really? I had no idea.

Guess it's gotta be one way or the other- get all the intake and get no final word on how the call finished or I find out over, and over, and OVER how it ended. Always seems to be the one that you want to know about you never do.

Wonder what else my day has in store for me... Hoping for something else more blog worthy..

Stand by..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Give me some damn info already today!!

Here's just a thought..

If you're going to call us because you locked your keys in your car, dipshit, give me some information other than "It's on the parking lot". Really? You parked your car in the parking lot of a box store? Now had you told me that it was in the building of the box store, ok, that is a bit easier to locate. I don't know why you are reporting your keys locked in your car instead of a vehicle vs building accident but I wouldn't be surprised either.

Anyways, I digress.

But your car is one of at least another hundred vehicles on the lot, so to tell me it's on the lot doesn't impress me. And what's worse? I just took that call from someone who couldn't tell me what the vehicle was! Ummm, yea... you just totally set off my spidey senses and instead of sending our bitch boy, er, I mean Community Service Officer (ok, fine, bitch boy is a suitable substitute) who can't ask for 27/29 (driver's license and warrant check), I'm gonna send one of my Officers. That's right, because if you're so dumb as to tell me you don't know what your vehicle you're responsible for is or where exactly it's at, I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess you aren'r responsible enough to oh, I don't know, pay any traffic fines or show up to court (cause I KNOW you've been summoned!) so your ass is gonna wanted and/or suspended. If you're suspended, guess what? Your keys get to stay nice and safe and secure from the elements in your vehicle on the lot, wherever it is that you parked it and couldn't advise of. If you're wanted, you get to come with us and it doesn't matter if your keys are in there cause that vehicle is getting moved to... the tow yard!!

So, let's review..
1. If you're gonna call the Po-lice, then give me some damn information

2. If you aren't gonna give me the damn information, you best be expecting my boys in blue showing up instead of bitch boy.

3. Better hope that if 2 applies to you, then you at least showed an iota more responsibility with your status as a driver and person than what you did with your keys you dumbass!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For the love, call for yourself!!

This is a public service announcement...
If you are a victim of any crime or incident (accident, etc) DO NOT CALL YOUR BABY DADDY/MAMA, BEST FRIEND, MOTHER, FATHER, WHOEVER YOU CHOSE IN YOUR CALL LOG!! Here's a freakin' thought..

Call the police department yourself!!

If it's an emergency, call 911- landline will get you to your respective law enforcement authority and cell will get you either a central comm center or the proper authority depending on your area's current 911 system.

If it's not an emergency, call the nonemergency line. Don't know the number. Here's one for you that you should know... 4-1-1!!

I am so tired of getting calls like this
idiot 3rd party caller "I need to call in an accident"
me "where did this happen?"
3rd "well, my friend said he thinks it's in front of Insertbusinessnamehere"
me "ok, is anyone injured?"
3rd "i don't know"
me "how many vehicles"
3rd "i don't know"

At this point I just straight up ask "can I have your friend's number and call him myself and get this information to find out what is going on?". The bastard 3rd party gets pissy because I don't want what they have to tell me! I calmly explain that this is an accident and I need to know if anyone is injured-this is a very busy roadway and intersection and if there are injuries I need to get the ambulance and fire department there sooner than later and if he's there and involved, he can answer these. The bitch straight up said she didn't know if he had his cell phone! So, naturally, because I'm now just getting pissed say "he called you didn't he?".

I'm all for the helpful 3rd party calls; I really am! There has been more than 1 instance in my time on that the lone 3rd party call I have received was the ONLY call on the matter and it saved someone's life. But if you can call someone to have them call, you can call yourself!! Why waste everyone's time when you have first hand knowledge?? You just make me pissed off at the one trying to be helpful and beyond ragin' mad at your dumb ass!!

This has been a public service announcement presented by yours truly.